A mentor is someone who allows you
to see hope inside of yourself

When it comes to selecting an Advisor, Mentor and/or Advocate to guide you through unlocking the keys to success experience matters.  Whether you’re a Veteran who is transitioning from active duty to the civilian world or an Entrepreneur chasing your dreams, Stephen Nalley has been there.  If you are looking to make a career change or seeking a promotion in the field that you are in, you could benefit from Stephen’s 35-year documented track record of success.  Lastly, if it is motivation, goal planning and accountability that you seek then look no further.

Stephen’s process is simple.  To help you identify and develop your strengths, but to also assist you with doubling down on your weaknesses.  Once you are in the process, Stephen guides you through identifying and setting your personal and professional goals.  From there the focus becomes Relentlessly Pursuing your goals through benchmarks and accountability.  The motivation and inspiration that you will get along the way is a bonus.

Stephen’s mentoring method is Autonomous motivation, which means you controls the decision-making process.  Stephen provides the resources and support and nudges as needed, but you are in charge.  If you request to be pushed harder than that then it can be arranged as well.  You do not need a drill sergeant.  What you need is a good listener with a 35-year documented track record of success as an Entrepreneur and Mentor.

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