The Foundations and Principles
that Winners are Built on.

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Stephen’s Inspiration For Writing The Book

Relentless Pursuit lays out the secret to success as knowing what you want, having a compelling reason why you want it and the discipline to sacrifice what we want right now for what it is that we really want later.  We get there by aligning our actions with our goals and always being the most prepared person in the room without exception.

No matter what our chosen profession, we need to become experts at selling ourselves and/or our ideas and we do this through verbal and non-verbal communication.  We are constantly seeking knowledge and becoming the master of our craft.  Lastly, we need to be open minded and seek inspiration from all places.  The foundations and principles of Relentless Pursuit are a lifestyle.  It is a never-ending process that last the span of our lives with the attempt to become the best person that we can possible be.  Success not only occurs when preparation meets opportunity, but also when our compelling reason why exceeds the adversity that we will face along our journey.

The concept of Relentless Pursuit starts with building a solid foundation of who we want to be and then we utilize our enduring principles to achieve the desired outcome.